Pure-Space Fine Art Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
Gary Waidson (aka.Wayland) Sitting under the Northern Lights  in Arctic Norway

Actually, most people know me as Wayland but I know I’m not an Artist because I met one once and I could hardly understand a word he was saying.

It wasn’t that he spoke a different language, it was just that he talked about his work in a way that seemed completely unrelated to the images he was actually showing me.

I’m just a landscape photographer and any artistry you find in my pictures is the work of powers far greater than mine.

The lighting at the heart of my images is usually provided by nature and in most cases the stage is set by the same hand. That is not to say that human intervention plays no part. In reality it is difficult to find anywhere on our planet that is completely unaffected by human activity, but for me, nature is always the star of the show.

I have simply been fortunate enough to see a little of this performance and use the technology available to me to record it for you.    

Technology has been a part of photography since it’s earliest days and I began to learn my craft in the days when film and chemistry were still at the core of the process. Now electronics and digital information have taken center stage but every time I take my camera out I hope I still learn a little more.

I make pictures that reflect the way I see the world around me. That involves a variety of equipment and processes. Some of those processes occur in a computer but they are a world away from the simple effects found in popular editing programs.

Every image is individually crafted to create the images you see here. Sadly a computer screen cannot capture the full effect of these pictures in the same way that a fine art print, on good quality paper can but I hope you can tell that they should look more like paintings than simple photographs.


Fine Art Landscape Photography By Gary Waidson (aka.Wayland.)

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